Blast It Global offer their clients the opportunity to engage industry expertise in the field of drill and blast, to optimise and improve their site’s drill and blast practices, focusing on safety and productivity.

Practical drill and blast consulting, not just another text book solution.


Blast It Global drill and blast training includes knowledge sharing and formalised training. Ranging from nationally accredited Shotfirer's training (Australia) to blast optimisation training, for the blast designer or drill and blast engineer.

BiG Clients

Blast It Global

Blast It Global offers extensive years of drill and blast experience to improve safety and optimise drill and blast practices, at your site or project.

Blast It Global (BiG) is consolidating years of blasting experience in the quarrying, construction and mining industry, to provide professional drill and blast consulting services to clients. Blast It Global’s primary objective is to provide their clients with sustainable drill and blast optimisation and training services, tailored to the customers requirements.